Thin King credit card case - Red Fox by Monika Boo

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Thin King Red Fox card holder is a part of our collaboration project with talented tattoo artists from Musta Agency in Helsinki.

Red Fox design by Monika Boo

Born and raised in the woodlands of Lithuania, Boo became very inspired by natural and organic styles and objects. This appreciation was only grown while studying architecture prior to becoming a tattoo artist. Her background created a unique style beyond both static and dynamic compositions, where all mediums from her experiences meet — natural objects, art nouveau, gothic, baroque silhouettes and more.



  • Holds 6 embossed cards in style
  • Full RFID protection
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Clever grip system never lets your cards fall out


Size: 64 x 88 x 9,8 mm / Weight: 42g

Thin King goes anywhere with you – whether you are going out, traveling, or enjoying your favorite activity, Thin King is the perfect protection for your credit cards. The thin, strong and durable anodized aluminum frame keeps your card protected from wear and tear. RFID safe – Blocks those nasty skimmers and scanners.