Thin King is a classic yet modern, truly original Finnish designed credit card case for men and women.

Unique hidden grip method securely holds 1 to 6 credit cards, ID cards, or other similarly sized cards.

Compact and lightweight enough to fit any pocket or purse discreetly. Thin King goes anywhere - whether you are going out, travelling or enjoying your favourite activity, Thin King is the perfect protection for your credit cards. Strong & durable anodized aluminium frame keeps your cards protected from tear and wear.

 It also Blocks RFID card scanners and skimmers.

Choose from 7 colours to complement anything in your closet – from business to party to sports. Thin King fits your pocket, your wardrobe, and your budget better than a wallet.

Size: 64 x 88 x 9,8 mm Weight: 42 grams


Shake it! Cards won´t come out themselves.



Thin King’s frame is made out of high grade anodized aluminium. The inside part is plastic. Strong structure and durability makes it long lasting. 

Shake it well if you dare, the cards won’t fall out. Unique hidden grip method securely holds up to 6 cards at the same time, but it also functions just as well with only one. Mechanish won´t harm you or your cards in any way.

Why only 6 cards?

If it could take 10 cards, it wouldn’t be small, light and discreet anymore.

What kind of cards fit in?

Well. basically all similarly size cards as a credit card – debit card, ID-card, hotel key card, loyalty card, driving licence, gym card, Oyster card, travel card, you name it.


  • Won’t harm you or your cards in any way.
  • No magnetics parts
  • Washing machine proof

Do not keep keys in same pocket with Thin King. Long term exposure to keys etc. may leave marks.

What is surface treatment of Thin King?

Surface of Thin King is anodized. It’s a really thin coating that enables metal to shine through the colour. It also protects aluminium from oxidising.

Thin King’s aluminium cover is suitable for engravings as well. Great gift idea!
See our Collab and Graphic series.



This technology is widely used by major credit card companies. There may be differences between countries and market areas.

Skimming and scanning are terms for stealing your credit card information. This usually applies to RFID cards. RFID? Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking. This means that a criminal can scan your pockets and steal your credit card information without you even noticing it.

Most of the new credit/bank cards has contactless payment feature for small amounts (NFC=Near Field Communication). Thin King’s cover is made of aluminium, and therefore it blocks any skimming and scanning attempts.

Thin King is safe!

For the same reason you can’t use your travel card ( like Oyster Card in London or Rabbit Card in Bangkok ) without taking it out of your Thin King.

Read more about RFID threat and defence.



Of course it can! We drove a big van over it without breaking it nor the cards inside it. Thin King’s mechanism has been tested also. Ruthless robot was wanking it 10 000 times back and forth, before it got bored. Mechanism did not changed in time of this brutal process.

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