Thin King card case – Design from Finland

Introducing Thin King: The Ultimate Credit Card Case from Finland

Embrace the bold, contemporary lifestyle with Thin King, the unique Finnish-designed credit card case that suits everyone's taste. Whether you're a trendy hipster or a sophisticated grandparent, Thin King effortlessly complements your wardrobe (yes, even those leather pants you never wear).

Ideal for everyday use, Thin King reliably safeguards your cards during workouts, sports, or any other activity that gets you sweaty. It's the perfect partner for your daily endeavors and a trusty companion on your globetrotting adventures.

Debuting in late 2011 as a 4-card case, Thin King has since evolved into a 6-card Gordito version, measuring a mere 9.7 mm in thickness. This slim, unisex card case easily slips into any pocket or purse without causing unsightly bulges.

Designed to hold up to six credit-card-sized cards, Thin King features a smart, hidden internal grip system that securely holds your cards in place, providing a premium feel and ultra-smooth card insertion.

Rest assured, even if you're only carrying a single card, Thin King's innovative design ensures it will never fall out.

Customize your Thin King with chic graphics or logo engravings to create the perfect B2B gift. Delight your valued clients with this fashionable, functional, and eye-catching business gift.

Representing the finest in Finnish design and Nordic lifestyle, Thin King's timeless aesthetic and durable aluminum frame shield your cards from bending and cracking while blocking malicious RFID scanners and skimmers.

Make Thin King your essential everyday accessory.

Say goodbye to cash and embrace the reign of the Thin King!

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