Choosing a slim EDC cardholder

Kalle Karvonen

Posted on March 22 2023

Slim EDC (Everyday Carry) wallets are designed to be compact and functional, making them perfect for people who prefer to carry only the essentials. RFID protection is an essential feature for modern wallets, as it helps to prevent electronic pickpocketing by blocking unauthorized scans of your credit cards and IDs. Thin King is a great example of a high-quality RFID protected cardholder, but there are several other options to consider as well. Here are some of the best slim EDC wallets on the market:

  1. Thin King Card Case: Thin King is an RFID protected card case that can hold up to 4-6 cards, depending on the model. It has a unique, patented internal mechanism that keeps the cards securely in place, while the anodized aluminum body provides both durability and style. The minimalist design ensures it fits comfortably in your pocket.

  2. Bellroy Micro Sleeve: Bellroy is known for its high-quality, slim wallets, and the Micro Sleeve is no exception. With RFID protection, this wallet can hold 2-4 cards in its main compartment, as well as folded bills and additional cards in its external pockets. Made from environmentally certified leather, it offers a premium look and feel.

  3. Ridge Wallet: The Ridge Wallet is a popular choice due to its sleek, minimalist design and RFID blocking capabilities. The wallet is made of either aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber and can hold up to 12 cards. The integrated money clip or cash strap allows for secure storage of bills.

  4. Secrid Slimwallet: The Secrid Slimwallet features a unique Cardprotector that can hold up to 6 cards and offers RFID protection. Additional card slots and a bill compartment provide extra storage, while the premium leather exterior adds a touch of sophistication.

  5. Dango Dapper Wallet: The Dango Dapper Wallet combines functionality with style, offering RFID protection and the ability to hold up to 12 cards. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum and top-grain leather, this wallet is both durable and attractive. The integrated silicone band allows for easy storage of cash or additional cards.

  6. Tumi Delta Slim Wallet: Tumi is known for its premium travel accessories, and the Delta Slim Wallet is a great example of the brand's commitment to quality. This wallet offers RFID protection, multiple card slots, and a bill compartment. The wallet is made from full-grain leather, providing a sophisticated appearance.

When choosing a slim EDC wallet, consider factors like the number of cards you need to carry, the wallet's material, and its overall design. Remember that RFID protection is a must-have feature for added security.

See the Thin King EDC cardholder selection HERE

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